weekend breakfast holiday

By February 24, 2013Germany

When I had breakfast this Saturday together with my love in my favorite restaurant around the corner, I thought it was one of the most precious moments in a while. We just sat there with a fabulous coffee, eggs, crunchy bread, fresh fruits and yoghurt. A bunch of newspapers and yellow press girls magazines to get updated with Brad’s and Angelina’s wedding plans. Sitting there for hours as if there was just nothing else to do, felt as if we were on vacation. We only realized how awful the weather was outside, when a friend asked me what we were doing on such a grey and rainy saturday. This was one of the moments, when I am happy for the bad weather outside, since it gives me the calmness to do nothing else but sit, relax and read.

Late weekend breakfast, lasting for hours is just the cheapest and easiest way for a quick vacation trip with the whole family.

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