What is your scent of beauty?

By April 21, 2012Laos

Frangipani – ever since I first smelt this flower, I was overwhelmed. To me it is the scent of purity and beauty. Frangipanis, mainly grow in South East Asia and are the national flower of several countries. It is said, that this flower is named after an italian medieval parfumer family, the Frangipani.

Every time I travel Asia I can’t wait to enjoy the scent again. Luckily they are easy to find. In Europe it is really hard to discover this odor. Only once I was lucky and found a tiny soap factory in Vienna, which produced a piece of soap for me with Frangipani odor.

The natural and pure scent though can’t be rebuilt. Maybe also because smell and taste don’t travel. They can appear in an instance though and bring you back immediately to where you experienced it once.

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