#WorldCup2014: Who baptized the Caipirinha?

By July 6, 2014Brazil

As most people know, Caipirinha is a Brasilian drink based on Brazil’s most distilled alcoholic beverage, cachaça, which is made from sugar cane. But have you ever wondered, why it is called Caipirinha?

When I traveled Brazil, I was told, that Caipiras are the people from the countryside of Brasil. Caipirinha is a diminutive version of it with a slightly negative tone to it, like the American “hillbilly”.

There are different stories to it’s origin. The two most common are the following:

Some pople believe it really was invented by the Caipiras, who tried to drain their everyday pain from working in the sugar cane fields with what they found – sugar, it’s distilled version (cachaça) and … lime from the trees which you find everywhere.

Others say it was invented in Paraty, a tiny and beautiful tourist attraction, 250 km south of Rio de Janeiro. It’s chronicle says, that in 1856, when cholera and flu threatened the people living there, people were no longer allowed to drink the water from the river. That’s when they started to drink cachaça, mixing it with a bit of water, sugar and lime. The chronicle says, that it did serve it’s purpose…

So whichever story is right, it must be true, that there is a medical effect of healing the body or soul :-).


  • Lou says:

    The combination of sugar and lime must be good.

    • stephaniesievers says:

      It is! In fact one of my best lemonades I have ever had was in the jungle of Peru after hours of tracking. The guide I was with stopped at a fairly run down place, where his family lived… in the middle of nowhere. He then simply put water, lime and sugar in a glass and it was the most delicious and refreshing drink I had. For sure it was also due to the fact, that , it was I was entirely exhausted, but I will never forget this drink.. So if you come by a place that offers Caipirinha, give it a try :-).

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